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Mancon Engineering & Construction Management is a major Egyptian Engineering company working in the field of construction. Regardless the economic, social, political or cultural circumstances in any country, the company is confident that its competent employees will be able to execute the projects up to the high standards they are used to due to their professional experiences and highly technical and interpersonal skills.

We are always looking forward to serving outstanding, motivated people of all backgrounds and embracing the tradition of access to excellence. We believe that employees’ positive contributions are the main access to excellence and company’s growth; therefore, we strive for developing an extraordinary amount of momentum and teamwork spirit.

Industrial Projects

handles projects in the field of industrial plants and buildings through providing the total service of execution according to very tight quality control measures and standards. We constructed outstanding steel works across the Egyptian land.

Gas Stations

For many years foreign construction companies have dominated this field. However, several gas stations representing the largest international names, such as Shell and Exxon Mobil hold the Mancon flag in different Egyptian cities.

Contracting Works

Enjoying a sound international reputation, Mancon Engineering & Construction Management takes full responsibility of various activities in civil work projects handled by multinational companies; for example, the famous nation-wide metro projects

Renovation & Remodeling

Mansions, villas, first class hotels, luxurious multi-story buildings for residence and administration add the final touch to Mancon Engineering & Construction Management’s portrait of distinction.
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Whether it is with a Client ot with other project team
member, we value collaboration as a mean to achieve
a common goal.

Commitment to Clients’ Success

Success can be defined in many ways, but for us,
making sure that our clients achieve success is our
highest priority.
Qualified Team Members


Innovation to us means using the latest and the
greatest solutions. We won’t apply the same
methodology to every given challenge.

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