Mancon is managed by the two sister companies, Mancon Engineering & Construction Management, Mancon Consultancy & Project Management. Both companies were initiated in Cairo, Egypt in the years 1985 and 2001 respectively.
Mancon Group is managed by a team of professionals with adequate qualifications, rich experiences and a proven history of success in Architectural designs, Construction and Consultation.


The intent below is supported by a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2008 which operates in all the company’s departments.
• Handling all our activities starting from planning, designing, allocating resources, passing through various execution stages and ending with overall inspection, quality control and maintenance ensuring clients’ satisfaction throughout all the stages.
• Extending our services and activities beyond the traditional turn-key concept to partnership in success with all our clients.
• Establishing an environment rich with our values to enhance our employees’ achieve their full potential.
• Developing our employees and appraising their performances to maintain our professional and value-rich environment.


“Delivering first class Construction Engineering projects with premium quality in Design, Consultancy and Project Management services; aiming for a globally exquisite recognition and highly satisfied Clients”•


•Ethics & Integrity
•Teamwork & Collaboration
•Achievements & Accountability