Corporate Social Responsibility

Mancon has always been committed towards its social responsibilities and supporting local surrounding communities.

During 2018, Mancon Group disclosed new features for its CSR activities. The execution of the new
CSR approach is already in progress and has certainly achieved great results as many initiatives are
currently right on track while some others are to be executed during the coming period, hoping for better
accomplishments to come to better serve our communities in the future.
Our CSR Pillars are:
Mancon’s culture puts great emphasis on the wellbeing of employees and systematically engages
them in the decision-making process associated with CSR. We promote the professional
development of all personnel and passionately work to maintain a strong team spirit.
1) Mancon Academy
Mancon Academy continues its role towards the development and technical preparation of
undergraduate Engineers
Utilizing a wide range of technical programs, Mancon Academy is able to provide the technical
background these engineers need to prosper, and this in turn provides a pool of specialized engineers
with a competitive edge within Project Management, Design and Construction sectors
Mancon Academy Internship program provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to apply
knowledge obtained through coursework to an on-the-job work experience.
An internship allows students to “try-out” an occupation to determine whether or not they intend to
pursue that career. Internships provide work experience that can enhance a student’s valuable range of
transferable skills and increase their marketability in any field.
Mancon Academy offers undergraduate internships in two majors:
1. Architecture Engineering
2. Construction Engineering & Management
2) Charity Activities
And as the Holy month of Ramadan is known for the giving to the poor, Mancon Group intensified its
CSR activities and created new initiatives to be implemented during Ramadan 2018 through assisting in
packing over 2000 Iftar meals.

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