Our Services

Mancon Consultancy & Project Management is a one-stop-shop for all construction project needs. We are experts in maintaining quality project execution and control through world class project management methods coupled with strict and correctional measures. We provide 4 main services: Owner Representation, Design, Total Project Management and Project Appraisal.

Project Appraisal

Critically appraise: organization, management of the project and maintenance of the facility throughout the project.

Total Project Management

This service extends beyond the traditional turn-key approach which provides the client and Mancon’s Top Management with all the activities and information necessary for the proper control of the ongoing projects

Owner Representation

When representing owners, Mancon fulfills the owner’s role leaving him time to do what he does best, and this is done by partnering in success with the owner and idea originator to turn his/her idea from a mere concept into a fully working and functional building/facility


At Mancon we recognize the value that excellence in design can add to a project, and the important contribution this can make to the quality of the built environment
We Are Mancon



Whether it is with a Client ot with other project team member, we value collaboration as a mean to achieve a common goal.

Commitment to Clients’ Success
    • Success can be defined in many ways, but for us, making sure that our clients achieve success is our highest priority.
    • Qualified Team Members

Innovation to us means using the latest and the greatest solutions. We won’t apply the same methodology to every given challenge.

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