Service Overview

When representing owners, Mancon fulfills the owner’s role leaving him time to do what he does best, and this is done by partnering in success with the owner and idea originator to turn his/her idea from a mere concept into a fully working and functional building/facility. Owner Representation is a process where an agency relationship is established to represent the owner’s interests in a development and/or construction project. Mancon assigns a qualified and experienced project manager to provide direction to the construction manager, general contractor and architect/interior designer. Mancon understands construction, bidding processes, contracts and risk management. With years of experience identifying construction compliance and defect analysis and familiarity with a variety of construction systems and methods, our view is comprehensive.

Mancon’s Owner Representation service is an insurance policy that performs for the benefit of the owner by managing the process. A project that gets fixed is never equal to the one that is built right the first time. In doing so, the representative undertakes the following tasks and services:
– Project Function Description
– Site selection and acquisition
– Assemble the right consulting, design, and construction team(s) for the project
– Qualify experience, performance and fees proposed by design and construction team
– Review and recommend on all construction documents and contracts
– Appointment of Project Manager
– Project planning and scheduling review
– Construction management / General Contracting
– On site construction progress inspection and documentation
– Analyze and review progress payments and change orders
– Maintain correction logs to avoid end of project remedial work
– Manage insurance coverage, sub-contractor payment and lien releases
– Ensure compliance with applicable codes and standards
– Reduce errors in design or construction
– Improve quality
– Reduce risk and liability